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Sunday, May 19
Easter 5

Sermon text: John 13:31-35

God's Love And Ours
1. Glorify God For His Loving Acts.
2. Show Acts Of Love Toward One Another.

Sunday, May 12
Easter 4

Sermon text: Psalm 23

Shepherd Like Comfort

Sunday, May 5
Easter 3

Sermon text: Acts 9:1-20

All Because of Easter.....We are humbled to serve a living Jesus

Sunday, April 28
Easter 2

Sermonette text: Psalm 27:4-6

"Seek God In His Temple"

Sunday, April 21
Easter Sunday

Sermon text: 2 Timothy 2:8
Theme: Remember Jesus Christ: He Has Risen!

Friday, April 19
Good Friday

Sermon text: John 19:28-30

Theme: "It Is Finished!"

Thursday, April18
Maundy Thursday
Pastor Curtis Holub

Sermon text: Matthew 26:26-28

Theme: "Take and Eat; Take and Drink."

Sunday, April 14
Palm Sunday

Sermon text: Luke 19:28-38

Theme: "Blessed is the King Who comes in the Name of the Lord."
I. He comes as our King and Lord.
II. He comes like no other king.

Sunday, April 7
Fifth Sunday in Lent

Sermon text: Luke 20: 9-19

Theme: "May This Never Be"
I. That we despise God's Word.
II. That we reject God's love.
III. That we are crushed by Christ's judgment

Wednesday, April 3
Fifth Wednesday in Lent

Sermon text: John 18:33-40

Theme: What Is Truth?
I. Truth: Jesus is not who people want Him to be.
II. Truth: Jesus is who He claims to be.

Sunday, March 31
Fourth Sunday in Lent

Sermon text: Luke 15:11-32

Theme: How Is a Sinner Saved?
I. He must see his sin and repent.
II. He must accept God's forgiving pardon.
III. He is saved by God's grace, not by merit.

Wednesday, March 27
Fourth Wednesday in Lent
Pastor Roger Vomhof

Sermon text: John 18:3-9

Theme: "I am He."
I. Jesus is God's Almighty Son.
II. Jesus is God's humble Servant.
III. Jesus is our Good Shepherd.